sandalwood deodorant

sandalwood deodorant

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sandalwood deodorant | probiotic deodorant

Sandalwood | a light woodsy earthy aroma | pure organic sandalwood

It is a light enough aroma to compliment any scent but strong enough to balance odor. Each deodorant is a blend of creamy butters and powder. It melts into your skin conditioning the tissue and providing an environment for only good bacteria. The probiotics help to balance the ick and therefore provide odor protection. Didi you know sweat is vitally scentless? You think Im crazy, but its true. It s the bad bacteria that gives off odor. Encouraging a happy and balanced ph will not only ward off bad bacteria but it will also allow you to sweat and smell amazing. Finding that balance can be tough do be sure to ask questions or check out my blog post listed below for common questions.

Please know this is a cream deodorant and APPLICATION is with the fingertips. This will also melt in high temperatures. If you prefer a cool and firmer texture you can keep this in the fridge but it is not necessary. In the summer months or if you leave in a warm climate use caution when first opening your tube or jar. Give this some time to set if melted and feel free to pop in the fridge.

What you should know about Natural will sweat. It is completely unnatural not to sweat. The ingredients used in a natural deodorant will work as an odor absorbing moisturizing antimicrobial. This formula took 2 years to perfect. Each batch is pH tested, lowering the chance of reaction and also providing you with a stable product that is extremely effective. With a base of Coconut Oil and Shea Butter it is a soothing application and will improve the health of the underarm tissue. The arrowroot powder absorbs moisture and provide a silky feel.

I am forgetting the best part!!! The probiotics! Balancing the bacteria and restoring your pH. We all know we have good and bad bacteria and the benefits of probiotics. Allowing the application through a major area of absorbtion is a great way to restore balance.

This DEO is a cream deodorant. It is recommended to be applied using your fingertips. Using a small amount of product each time gently massage into your armpits. It will look creamy at first on the skin but then is absorbed and you are left with a layer of powders that absorb the moisture. It will only leave a residue on your clothing if you use too much or put your clothing on before the product has been absorbed. It is easily rubbed out. If you have excess deodrant left on your hands you can gently massage into your hands and it will leave them feeling soft.

Store your deodorant in a cool dry place. If traveling with your deodorant, be sure to always have the lid securely in place to avoid leaking.

Keep using and you too will restore you pH and health! The primary ingredients of this deodorant have a melting temperature of about 76 degrees so it will soften in a warmer climate. You can pop this in the refrigerator to harden at any time. I prefer to keep mine in a cool dry place. My unmentionable drawer. :) I have also found that I prefer to use as a cream deodorant and apply using two fingers and lightly massaging into my arm pits!

4 oz glass jar

every ingredient serves a purpose
butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter, cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, maranta arundinacea (arrowroot) powder, sodium bicarbonate, santalum spicatum (sandalwood) oil, lactobacillus acidophilus, bifidobacterium longum (probiotitcs)